• Are you frothing yourself in the last minute tidying-up-before-guests-come-home-frenzy?

    Well, don’t forget to spruce up the foyer too.

    No matter how fashionable your interior is, your grand opening statement depends largely on the Tender Loving Care (TLC) you shower on your entryway by keeping it well spruced!

    In fact, this is the one area that has to get the manicure done on a regular basis.

    Here’s why and how to go about it in a few simple steps.

    Isn’t it the place where a neighbour stops by for an impromptu chat? Or as visitors leave your place, they linger around the entryway to complete that juicy bit of conversation?


    And while that’s happening, you wouldn’t want them to notice the half eaten toast that the diffident daughter tucked behind the mirror in the foyer, would you? Or a jumbled pile of assorted belonging – footwear, decor accent pieces, or, ahm – just plain junk.

    In the morning’s rush, lunch bags jostle for space with letters, library books etc., scattered on the console table. Last birthday’s decorations and festoons preside over stacks of newspapers/ magazines and a dusty reed diffuser, while there’s the desperate search for a watch or a key that was “just placed there”!

    Hmmmm… a definite call for a time out – to corral the clutter, and have a set daily routine that helps control the morning-cum-noon-cum-anytime chaos, and pave way for an organized entryway.

    Tidy It Up

    Everything in the line of sight to get the good dust over. Right from the main door to the walls and the light fixtures, from the door mat to the rug (if any), from the surface area of the console table to the closet / shoe rack / umbrella stand (if you have any)… you get the drift right?

    A special tip for the shoe rack is to clean and air it out regularly. If you still want to play it safe, there are many potpourri arrangements available. As are air fresheners. You’ll be real glad to adopt this technique.

    Do you have a window, side glass panel to the front door, or mirror arrangements in the room? Spruce them up with a bit of glass cleaner.

    If a certain bench/ table/ rack/ chair has a tendency to be a clutter magnet – remove it from there. Or shift it around till the habit of dropping things off in the foyer is broken.

    Plan a pace for everything near the front door – and keep them there. The other random objects have just got to go.

    Survey how the area will look when a guest visits. Make adjustments or remove things, as required. Like wise, vary the look by rearranging things around (if possible).

    Here is an image of a foyer that has been neglected

    Here is a picture of the same foyer after it has been redesigned with new elements.

    View of the foyer from the door.

    Do not under estimate the time needed for the routine clean up, even if all it takes is a mere five minutes. Set it aside regularly. You’ll reap rich dividends for the TLC shown to the foyer, when it smartly endorses your decor sensibilities.

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