• Hey City dwellers, does it bother you when your front door opens right into the living room? And you think there’s not much you can do about it? Join the club.

    This piece, then, goes out to all those whose homes in apartment multiplexes don’t come with the specification of a foyer.

    We’re here to discuss smart solutions to tide over a number of entry way challenges. And they range from effortlessly simple to interestingly whacky!

    Presenting the Decal Solution

    Irrespective of the colour of the wall, decal console tables, with lamp or telephone offer the momentary visual distraction. The bonus is, like in the image below, if you have the space to mount a ledge for the actual decal table top, you have a terrific two-in-one answer to your dilemma.

    The best solution for a small space


    This wall decal becomes the focal point of the room, a perfect solution for a small room that cant contain too many things.


    You can spruce up this decal by adding an actual mirror in the mirror space, a ledge at the top of the table with vases and a little container for your keys. And voila you have a new entryway!


    This sweet telephone decal adds a quirkiness to the set up, and if you notice you dont need any other decor to make this more little table more interesting.



    One of the most versatile of wall furnishings, ledges easily transforms a blank wall, particularly just past your main door. A tray or two on a ledge (or a series of three for a symmetrical formation) to hold the keys and mails serve a very definite functional purpose. Place a decorative plant in a pot, or a vase, or a candle, or a photo frame, or whatever have you, and voila – there’s the dash of glamour.

    You’ll have to careful about the height and width dimensions as you don’t want to hamper movement along the wall, or pose a threat to bumping one’s head. Wall brackets and wall mounting cabinets will serve just as well, so long as it suits your purpose, fits with the overall decor, and you have the space for it!!!


    Add picture ledges for a more personal touch.


    Space permitting, one can explore placing an accent or a console table. Or even a wall-attached half table. An umbrella holder and a single chair or two placed next to a shoe rack is an ideal combination that takes care of two prime needs.


    Maintain a place for everything, specially items that you will need to grab just as your leaving the house.


    Further more, you can play on the flooring. Cover it with rugs, use different coloured tiles to demarcate. Opt for a strip of hard wood flooring.


    Spruce up your entrance by adding colour to it, you can go for a colourful wallpaper or a coloured floor rug, and in this case both!


    Basically: Be Adventurous. Experiment!

    After all this is the one space that gets the maximum visibility 24×7.

    It’s the arena for welcome hellos to lingering goodbyes. Add you signature style to the entrance.

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