• Of why it is a good idea to place a bench/seating provision in the foyer, in an Indian context. We normally remove footwear before entering a house. It is that much easier to put on a shoe while sitting!

    Get him to suggest convenient spots to place a beautiful vase or potted plant or an artefact. Accept their inputs with praise, if workable, or a gentle explanation of why the idea is not feasible. For instance, “Let’s keep it away from an openable window so it doesn’t get knocked down, shall we?”

    Likewise, ask her to recommend spots to put up a painting (could even be the one she’s made) or mount a clock, hang a calendar or a photo frame. Thank her for her valuable tip and if it does work for you, certainly put up the artifact there. Make it a point to give her the credit.

    You never know the pillow architect and pint sized designer with an impressionable mind may go on to become a professional in the field of architecture and interior design, or even a related profession!