• First impressions are the best impressions! Of course, we’ve all heard that adage. When you apply it to the context of your home, have you thought about the  sort of a welcome your threshold gives your visitor? When a guest steps into your house, the immediate feature she would notice is, of course, the entry way or the foyer!


    A pretty foyer is always welcoming


    So, if the home ambience and decor is gauged as an extension of your personality, how can you make the entrance say nice things about your tastes and lifestyle choices? By doing up the design in a style – modern, contemporary, classical, urban chic, eclectic, traditional or rustic – that appeals to you.  Granted, that space constraint (particularly relevant to apartments) is oftentimes the challenge.


    A rustic foyer, adds an old world charm


    A simple entrance way, with one element in focus - the painting.


    Even if the area allocated as the foyer is less than ideal, by paying attention to a few vantage elements, the finish can still be well put together to make an elegant statement.

    To begin with, categorize the requirements from the space cordoned off as the entry way/ foyer. Do you need it for functional use such as storage:

    1. footwear
    2. umbrellas/ raincoats
    3. letters and mails


    This is a very functional foyer


    Or is your foyer’s purpose to make a grand statement of your interior? Or, better still, do you want a combine utility with style?

    Even a constricted space can be made to look good


    Whatever treatment you opt for, there are many ways for self expression. Here are a bunch of suggestions that are bound to make this important space warm, friendly and most importantly: inviting.

    A grand foyer for your entrance. The mirror detailing adds charm to the whole set up.


    In the Indian context, the prime purpose for mud rooms – as foyers are sometimes referred to – is to provide space for visitors to remove footwear as they enter the house. This way the dirt and grime from the outdoors is kept at bay. So if you are partial to floor rugs and want to add a burst of colour or pattern to an otherwise staid flooring, then place it away from the door way. A small door mat in front of the door is, of course, very useful.

    An Indian Inspired Foyer


    Also, quite appropriately, shoe storage shelves will make sure all the footwear (sports, office, school, flip flops, sandals and all other varieties) have one place to be enclosed in. There are ready made racks widely available, or it can be custom built by carpenters for your specification.

    A very simple, yet interesting set up for the foyer


    Will the foyer space accommodate a seater (bench or sofa or even chairs)? Then go in for it. Easiest solution to the morning rush – for kids and office goers alike – to not have to stand and juggle about while putting the shoe on. Like wise, provide for an umbrella/walking stick stand.

    An accent table is just the right solution if there’s a space restriction. A table lamp/uruli/potted plant/figurine placed on it will add just that right touch of glamour, in an other wise busy thoroughfare!

    Its simple and it serves the purpose


    A mail storage rack is a very integral piece that comes with an every day usage requirement. Similarly keys – car, front door – and mobile phones are the two things one automatically looks to place down as soon as they enter their homes. So if there are designated places for each of these, the dining tables or side boards will not turn into cluttered multi-purpose storage areas!

    Lighting the area, the colour of the wall, decorations are other simple but effective ways to add depth to the foyer space. These and more will be discussed in the coming weeks.

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