• The word balcony conjures up different images and requirement to different people.

    i. An exclusive expanse to grow foliage of all varieties. Edible and ornamental.

    Grow fresh herbs, in your own balcony

    In this case, you are sure of the freshness of your ingredient, even if it is not in large harvestable quantities. Not to discount the whole enriching experience involved!

    Methi-paratas, Methi-aalo will never taste the same if you pluck the methi for the recipes straight from your own kitchen garden! Sprinkle some fenugreek seeds in a pot/planter. In a week’s time you will reap tasty and healthy rewards! The sky’s the limit to what you can easily rear in the confines of your balcony or terrace.

    For inspiration on how it is not an expensive, long drawn process to grow plants in your balcony, please follow the furnished link: http://www.nicolachatham.com/susanas-kid-friendly-balcony-garden-grow-organic-food-in-pots-case-study/#

    Little bursts of greenery popping out of balconies make for a refreshing view of the street, as you pass through it. Or as you look down from another elevated building. Ever since the city’s vertical growth pattern’s caught on, there are more apartments popping up and dotting the city scape. Every one’s better off for the herbage filled balconies, landings and stair ways! Thank goodness for it.

    Paint a pretty picture for your neighbors too!

    ii. A smokers’ den

    A visual treat aside, do we realise how useful the flora in the balcony are? They all chip in to do their bit for purifying the air!

    Even if you don't have much space, a small oasis like this one attached will do wonders to your living space

    iii. Camouflaging the clutter

    A utilitarian handy room. To store footwear, children’s bicycles, step ladder, old newspaper/ magazines, a clothes drying area etc etc. If those are the requirement, there’s nothing wrong with storing the odds and ends that otherwise do not have a designated space inside the house. Fortunately, there are plenty of versatile furniture/cabinetry that helps better organize the space, while at the same time camouflaging the clutter.

    You can use a storage bench that serves a dual purpose in a small balcony

    Sometimes, these multifaceted balconies are also converted into an extension of the room they branch out from. A practical solution, when tastefully done can add to the property’s appeal.

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